Week 25
February 28th 7:00 PM

How Far Along: 25 Weeks.

Total Weight Gain: 19 Pounds.

Stretch Marks: No.

Best Moment This Week: Being able to go to a Gaelic practice and run around and feel good!

Worst Moment This Week: I don't think there was a worst moment this week.

What Kind of Movement: Still lots of kicks. Last night, I thought I might be able to feel her moving around from the outside when I laid in bed, but I couldn't replicate it today.

Belly Button: Still In.

Wedding Rings: Still on, except after I went for a walk today, and I had to take them off because my fingers swelled.

What Are You Feeling This Week: I'm feeling good. It was nice to feel active this weekend. It's nice not to gain two pounds this week. I feel like we're chugging along!

Changes to Your Body: My hands and feet seem to swell more after being active or going for a walk. Other than that, just progressing.

Looking Forward To: I'm looking forward to being able to feel the baby kick from the outside.

Anything Else You'd Like to Say: It's almost spring. It's almost daylight savings time. I'm excited to get evenings back and get out of the winter funk.


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20 Months Old
February 17th 9:00 PM

Likes: Cookies, Ice Cream, Baby Shark, Singing, Bathtime, Reading Books, "Backseat Mommy", Playing with Diapers, Her Friends & Teachers at School

Dislikes: Umbrellas ("No brella. Hood.")

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January 19th 9:50 PM

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